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SitePro was designed from its inception as an internet-based solution that incorporates the basic tenets of Industry 4.0 principles into its very foundation. SitePro has a groundbreaking and re-imagined way of building data acquisition and supervisory control into a modern, incredibly fast, and publicly secure platform.

Our architecture is designed to handle complex site-based hierarchies from the device layer all the way to the cloud in a truly seamless fashion. Our Edge computing components enable the power of advanced logic and contextual computing closest to the action, they are much more than glorified local storage and hubs. We leverage state-of-the-art technologies like Redis, for their inherent efficiency, scalability, and security.

Every piece of SitePro is specifically designed for Industry 4.0 where intelligence can be applied at the source, device data is easily transformed into useful information and instantly available on any platform, and the barriers between Operational Technology (OT) and Informational Technology (IT) are broken. We set out to create software and solutions that let you manage your business…better.

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Anthony Baker


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